hysteria | histeri

Hysteria is a project that seeks for the “meaningful” combinations of a series of images. In this installation, viewers are expected to consider the images as words of a statement with lots of possibilities. During the experience of the installation each one of the images are intented to be combined or used singularly to be looked at on the lightbox. The “Hysteria” begins with this interplay of the reciprocity and subject exchange between the imagery and the experiencer.

“…it is no longer my head, but I feel myself inside a head, I see from inside a head and I see myself inside a head; or else I do not see myself in the mirror, but I feel myself in the body that I see, and I see myself in this naked body when I am dressed .
and so forth.”
“…bu baş benim değil ama bir baş içinde olduğumu hissediyorum, bir başın içinden görüyor, kendimi bir başın içinde görüyorum; veya kendimi aynada görmüyor, gördüğüm bedende olduğumu hissediyorum ve giyinik olduğum sırada kendimi bu çıplak bedende görüyorum…vs.”


installation view